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"Vexed", the new EP from Leona's Sister was released on December 6, 2013. This 5 song collection was produced by David Barrett (David Barrett Trio). It was recorded and mastered at Phase One Studios in Toronto by engineer, Jeff Pelletier.
"Vexed", contains the 5 singles that have been released over the past year, Fishing, Five Secrets, Slingshot, Southgate Angel and Imagine. Click on the music tab to take you to our player.
The boom in internet radio has been a great boost to Leona's Sister. Having made their debut on The New Driven Show, the band has been added to rotation on many stations including Mojo Radio, The 365 Radio Network, MewsBuzz Radio, Radio Kaos Caribou, Panama Radio and shows such as The Morning Buzz, Dr. John's Unsigned Rock Surgery and Phoenix Rising with Phoenix Camerah on Max Ink Radio.


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Leona's Sister is a special blend of musical styles and influences, led by the powerful and unique vocals of JT. Welcome to our site.

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